What's Trending - June 6

Wednesday, June 6th


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All right first is the word if you have not done so already you can win a thousand dollars. By texting first. To seven to 81 that's seven to 81. When a thousand dollars with mixed 105 point 1 this morning. Kate Spade it took her own life yesterday at the age of 55. I just sad it's sad story fashion designer that handbag designer. Living in New York City and maybe we're learning that she had some potential relationship problems. Whatever the case may be there's there's no reason you have to take your life. No matter how bad your feelings if you're feeling under it if you're not feeling well. Listening to this right now maybe you feel alone sad. Contact this. Prevention lifeline the national suicide prevention lifeline 180273. Time. 180273. Talk somebody will pick up and talk to him. Kate Spade leaving behind her thirteen year old daughter. I'm married for 24 years so just some sad news to report from yesterday on the flip side of that that looks like exact sciences. Mayo Clinic they developed a blood test. That correctly identified 95%. Of the cases of a common form of liver cancer now if all goes well. This test could be available in about three years. So hopefully this is just the sign of good things to come right. Shaquille O'Neal is going to be headed in fifth yes Shaquille O'Neal. That DJ will be headed to Madison for the American fee only insurance championship concerts in June 22 he'll be opening up for Arianna speedway again. I tickets available for this by the way general admission tickets still available their forty dollars I had no idea Shaq was indeed yet. No idea blew my mind away when I was reading this story this morning. I get to put this in better terms I am not a DJ. We are radio personalities Shaq is like. Real deeds writes. I have new DJ skills outside this job if you wanna see DJ skills like DJ Shaq it feels weird saying that. And had to be championed tournament and 22. Concert priest Steven spiel about the way you want a guy.