What's Trending - May 24

Thursday, May 24th


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Here's. Your chance to win a thousand dollars right now just by texting the word of bubble BUBBLE. Bubble. Like a bubble but bagel but I'd bubble is the word. You need to step detects that words in the number seven to eighty line. Good luck this morning with the mix are like twenty minutes past every hour we run down the things you need to know that are trending this morning. And let's start with this new restaurant that's headed into the west side of Madison so for those of you. Then miss it's Rackers. Restaurant. Being gone for several months up at a Minneapolis based restaurant chain that's growing in popularity. He's moving in its health cowboy Jack saloon. And they're gonna have all sorts of stuff now it's not going to be like the red rock saloon downtown. I just. Here are aware now that it's you know whenever. There's is differentiating the two core inside. And they're gonna pretty much had everything they you'd love to step out and your lunch break they're gonna have appetizers salads burgers wraps. And of course to my favorite things to the entire world he said state. Country Jack's. Also gonna have a live music on a dedicated evening so there you go if you wanna read up more about the grand opening. Spying just about the restaurant general we've got this for you on our FaceBook page. Knicks 105 point one. Be careful if you return a lot of items to Amazon because they're gonna be banning shoppers. Return items to office. They're gonna review your accounts they're gonna send you a man follow up letter. The end as I was saying all morning line you know there's people who deliver these packages that are affiliated with Amazon who literally. Wrote your packages out onto your front porch your driveway. I and they get wrapped. So I think there's got to be some clear communication from the top down. For this to be enforced correctly that's just me. But it's happened to my friends especially. ABC is canceling that she too. And they're gonna expand a Good Morning America the three hours this isn't gonna affect lives with Brian Kelly so. That's going away and finally. Finally if you have not heard this story. I'm a family has kicked their son out of their home. And we're talking about this on FaceBook this morning when is it considered okay to live at home with your parents and parents. You know what what are the parameters of living at home as. Child adults. Albert talking about this on face but he your read this article to you mix 105 point one.