What's Trending - September 10

Monday, September 10th


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Shredding this morning a lot to get to this morning of course a busy sports weekend I mean I'm serious right. Brewers with a couple of big wins he got the badger football team with a win the Packers bears the late into the night last night. Lots of other things to talk about this week as well there are still some flooding concerns especially. Other rock river herbs and rising above the flood stage is gonna continue to rise so blunt that's an area to watch out there are still some other flood warnings in effect. Throughout south central and southwestern Wisconsin. Today though not bad we're gonna see some of that floodwater hopefully. Drop it down low seventies according to NBC fifteen. Lots of other things to get to this morning as well wanna start off with this storm that's headed to the East Coast tropical storm Florence. Likely to hit the East Coast later this week. Upgraded to a hurricane yesterday and there are some interesting things I've put a face but this morning mix 1054 when if you don't like guests already. But companies paying you. So leave. Yes because sometimes in new employer's best interest it might. And be beneficial for you to part way sit there are some companies that are paying you believe if you wanna read this story. It is of course on her FaceBook page. Just search mixing up five point one side and they're not gonna fatally radio they've barely pay you to stay in radio in case you're wondering if that makes good morning.