What's Trending - September 5

Thursday, September 6th


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And Shriver gonna right now what's trending this morning on this Wednesday yes Wednesday thankfully were halfway through the week. September 5 2018 it's Aron I'd sell wanna start off with some changes coming to Miller course. They're gonna be eliminating some positions all across the company 350. Positions they're eliminating and at. They're going to be bigots and changes to their brewery tour as well so you're gonna now have to pay ten dollars to do the brewery tour. I it's gonna be free for the designated driver. There's also going to be a couple of other fun little incentives to compete. With other brewery is in the areas of you're planning on doing that to where it is honestly one of my favorites. I would pay ten dollars to see it I probably pay fifteen to see it. But I'm glad it's ten dollars you might notice that the for bunnies on the regent street has closed their doors. Not close for god but after 47 years the regent street location I has closed its doors they're going to be moving their store. All to the man known location suggested FYI. This morning. Let's really talk about Roseanne I mean I guess there's not a lot to talk about with their butt. You know we she was fired from her show on ABC because of her or racism. But some. Is she said that went in that this new shelled the Connors. Premieres this ball that she's gonna. Go to Israel. She's got an opportunity to go to Israel eyes she's been there for a few months is that it was a favorite teachers and she's going to go there and maybe move there. And maybe she'll never come back but hey I'm not the one that's counting. Coming Diana blessings for that one and let's mix one of five point line. Thank you so much for waking up this this morning we've got your Kevin Hart tickets are coming up right at 740. Code word on the mix.