What's Trending - September 7

Monday, September 10th


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Running down what's trending this morning on this Friday September 7 28 seen a lot to get to enroll start. With the tragic news the sad news. Burt Reynolds 82 years old passing away. Just this sad it's sad day yesterday of course you might know from all of the films including deliverance. Smokey and the bandit boogie nights he had a string of health issues in recent years including a bypass operation in 2010. And evening stay and rehab. Back in 2009 Burt Reynolds. 82. Years old badgers. They're going to be taken on New Mexico from camp Randall tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock get to regent street early because. You know how that goes and also the Packers barest. Played each other Sunday Night Football Sunday night are you ready. Do you have a dish to pass do you have a special. Like tradition or are ritual that you do to get ready for game day I'm so excited. Can't wait for this weekend lots of football Bob brewers by the way taken on the giants and Miller Park. Drew speaking of words in any school stuff that we've been talking about this morning but new word seven added to the Merriam Webster dictionary. In some of these words are our relative very interest staying Margaret. Was short for Margarito. Edited out the list of of words in mock tale. This doodles. Which basically convert Mike zucchini noodles that would count as a single by that or added to the dictionary. And hey injury. Another word added to the Merriam Webster dictionary I'm I'm a big fan clubs some of these words. Angry disk drives me every day like brown 5 o'clock and I don't have a snack. Something like that right. Makes one a five point one if you are missing anything from the show this morning of course we're talking about it on FaceBook. The weekend update is next in Kevin Hart tickets 740.