Show & Tell Work!

January 8, 2016

Outside of substitute teacher day and 'TV on wheels' day, the next best thing was show and tell! I can remember sitting in Ms. Ness' third grade classroom at Burleigh Elementary eagerly waiting to show off my Tae Kwon Do trophy for breaking boards at a recent tournament. If each student figured out a way to drag out their time, we could stretch show and tell to last two class periods. Those were the days. Well, January 8th marks National Show & Tell at Work Day; sounds like a great excuse to bring our inner kids out at work and learn a little bit more about each other!

First up was our Operations Manager (he's the boss for the Mix), David, turns out he's an art aficionado. That is a bendy sculpture piece that, in his words, "can bend in an infinite amount of shapes." It's pretty durable too, looks like the perfect office toy for kids (or distractible adults). Next up was Ginny in Sales, she showed off her volcanic rock from a vacation to Iceland. From hot springs to waterfalls, sounds like it would be a great place to check out.

Heather (listen to her on the Mix from 9a-3p) brought in proof that she was an A+ student in school, just try to find the 'B' on her fifth grade report card, we dare you! When you give up, look at the bottom of this post for the answer. Tom in engineering wanted our help to figure out what his object actually was. He mentioned that during the company White Elephant party, he was stuck with this zonk of a prize. He kept it all this time because he's a cat guy and it was just odd enough to look good in his office; our best guess is that it's an incents holder.

My turn! Yes, I have a rubber ducky with a Big Brother logo on it. Why is that weird? It's not weird at all. My younger brother knows that Big Brother is more than just my role to him, but my favorite reality TV show (come on, there's three episodes a week), so he bought that duck as part of a birthday gift to me a few years ago. We have a few sister stations in the building including 105.5 Triple M, their morning guy Jonathan wanted to contribute to our show & tell round table with his White Sox Santa statue. At least it wasn't the Cubs. He mentioned that a street teamer once got him this out of the blue and he's held on to it ever since.

Our Digital Director, Kellie, received a sort of putty? A gift from her Mom during Christmas; as you can see, it smiles back at you when you open the tin. Okay, it's affected by ultra-violet light and you can make other designs too. Fun fact, after exposed to light, it will glow in the dark! Up next was Kurt in Sales, his item had more of a sentimental value. Passed down from generation to generation, it's a wedding ring. He wore it at his and looks forward to passing it down to the next generation one day.

More rocks! Patty who supports our Sales team has a bit of a rock collection. But not just any rock collection. When her friends go on vacation, instead of purchasing something for her, she asks that they bring back a cool rock from where they visited. One of the big rocks was from my trip to West Virginia, the long white and orange rock is from Barbara in Sales during her trip to Hawaii. Cool idea (not that I'm biased or anything). Finally, our creative wizard, Robert, tried to throw me off with the white Pixar lamp for my white backdrop. To him, it represents creativity, where most people would see an ordinary desk lamp; Pixar was able to bring it to life and gave it a personality of its own!

I have to say, I was not disappointed by having show & tell at work today! A last minute item was from Rob in Sales who had a copy of John Tesh’s “Sax by the Fire.” In his words, “it’s a classic.” Alright, I’ll go along with that. This was a lot of fun, we should do this every few months; it's a great way to get to know people that you may not interact with on a regular basis. Plus, who doesn't like a little nostalgia?

Oh yeah and because you spent so long looking for that 'B' on Heather's report card, I'll tell you where it is. Look for "EXPLANATION OF MARKS," the 'B' is next to the word 'Good.' Technically, I'm not wrong.