Today is the Day to Cuddle Up!

January 6, 2016

January 6th marks National Cuddle Up Day on our calendars and I couldn't be more excited! I mean, what sounds more relaxing than a day filled with cuddling? I may need to be careful who I ask to snuggle, I can foresee it becoming an HR nightmare at work. But there must be someone just as excited about it as me. If you're single like me, hopefully you have a pet that can provide a good snuggle, or a teddy bear. A teddy bear is likely my only option; now, if only my house had a fireplace!

Did you know there are several benefits to cuddling? Whether it's to relieve stress or strengthening a bond, cuddling just makes us happier (it's science). Remember back in 2013, everyone in Madison was talking about The Snuggle House? Yes, you could pay up to $60/hour for a snuggle session (currently closed). It didn't take long for the skeptics to come out of the woodwork. Okay, I was one of them. But from that idea came the conversation of what a positive impact cuddling can have. There's even a documentary simply called "Cuddle" that explores the cuddle party movement.

The world was even exposed to professional cuddling on America's Got Talent from Samantha Hess, helping Nick Cannon relax. Her gimmick may have made it past her initial audition round, but ultimately got eliminated. Perhaps cuddling is more of a private thing. If you're not sure about the whole cuddling movement, maybe start with free hugs for now.