Adults Attempt to Make Cut Out Snowflakes

December 27, 2015

Who would have thought that cutting out snowflakes would be so difficult? I mean, I was a pro at this stuff in grade school; certainly I am smart enough to figure it out, right? Wrong! But luckily, my coworkers were just as awful at it! Well, A for effort right? Well, technically there isn't a letter 'A' in effort. Since today is National Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day, I thought it would be fun to see who could 1) remember how to do it and 2) make the coolest one. The competition angle of it had to drop off since I'm pretty sure the only place these would get hung up is in a kindergarten classroom, crafted by children.

But yes, we claim to be adults. There was only one among us that could make one even remotely looking like a snowflake, while I wish I could say it was mine. It was actually Katie's. She's the big winner... I will hang hers up in Mix studio.

I would love to see your attempts at making a cut out snowflake - Tweet (@Mix1051madison) your attempt and we may just retweet your work! Mine was amongst the collage of snowflakes (top left corner). If you need some hand holding - believe me, if I do this again, I will - here's a step-by-step video! Or you can follow Martha Stewart's how-to.

Happy crafting!